Parent Communication from our Raleigh Preschool

Introducing Kid Reports from Your Raleigh Child Care Center

Starting February 1, 2016, our Raleigh preschools will be using the Kid Report Program.

What are Kid Reports?

Kid Reports is an online communication program that allows our Primary Beginnings staff to communicate with our parents through technology and will replace all forms of paper communication. Electronic communication helps us to reach our parents sooner and with more ease. Eliminating paper communication also helps our Raleigh preschools to cut paper costs and be more environmentally friendly.

What Will I Receive?

With Kid Reports, parents will have the opportunity to receive communication about your child throughout the day, and an electronic daily report for your child at the end of the day. Parents may set up notifications to come through email, text message, or through the downloadable app on their smartphones. Kid Report’s daily communication may include:

  • Pictures or videos of your child participating in fun, new experiences
  • Real-time notifications
  • Center information such as newsletters, meal menus, or important forms
  • Your child’s daily activity report
  • Historic records of information and reports

If you have any questions about Kid Reports, please feel free to ask your child’s teacher, or your child’s preschool location.